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Glacial Systems

Glacial Systems
Self-Assessment Quiz

1.  Which of the following landforms are most commonly associated with continental glaciation?

lateral moraine

2. Unsorted material laid down by glacial ice is called

stratified drift
none of the above

3. Stratified drift

is sorted
laid down by melt water
accumulates in layers
all the above

4. which of the following is a product of glacial deposition?

A cirque
A horn
A drumlin

5. Which feature is found in the zone of accumulation?

A cirque
A terminal moraine
An outwash plain
None of the above

6. Which of the following features are found on the side of an alpine glacier?

A lateral moraine
A terminal moraine
A medial moraine
None of the above

7. Which of the following features form parallel to the ice front?

Chatter marks

8. What is the ridge-like feature shown below?

A drumlin
An esker
A cirque
A horn

9. Ground moraine

is typically found behind a terminal moraine
has been deposited beneath the ice
is composed of unsorted till
all the above

10. You are hiking in a region that has been created by a continental glacier and see a steep sided, conical shaped hill. You decide that it must be a

an esker
a drumlin
a kame



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