The Physical Environment
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Glacial Systems

Glacial Systems
Review Questions

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1. Briefly describe the conditions under which glaciers form.

2. Describe under what conditions a glacier will advance or retreat.

3. Describe how a glacier moves across the surface.

4. Describe the way glaciers erode the surface.

5. Compare and contrast glacial till and stratified drift.

6. How do striations, grooves, and chatter marks tell the direction of glacier flow?

7. Compare and contrast ground, terminal and recessional moraines.

8. How do kettles and kames form?

9. How do drumlins tell the direction of glacier flow?

10. What is an esker and how does it form?

11. Explain how cirques and tarns form.

12. How do hanging valleys form?

13. What are horns and arÍtes, and how do they form?

14. How do glacial valleys differ from stream valleys?

15. How do stair case lakes form?

16. What relationship do medial moraines have to lateral moraines?




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