Humid Subtropical Climate (Cfa)

Latitude/Longitude = 35o N; 90o W
Average Annual Temperature (oC) = 17
Annual Temperature Range (oC) = 22
Total Annual Precipitation (mm) = 1222
Summer Precipitation (mm) = 536
Winter Precipitation (mm) = 686

The Sinks. Great Smokey Mountains, TN.

The ample precipitation and generally mild temperatures of the humid subtropical climate support a lush environment of temperate deciduous to temperate evergreen forests. (Source:  USGS Digital Data Series DDS-21. Used with permission)

Geographic Distribution

  • Southeastern U.S.
  • southeastern South America;
  • coastal southeast South Africa;
  • eastern Australia;
  • eastern Asia from northern India through south China to Japan.

Controlling Factors

  • East coast location between 20o and 40o N anl S latitudes.
  • Humid (mTu air masses) onshore air movement in summer.
  • Cyclonic storms in winter (cP air masses)


  • High humidity; summers like humid tropics.
  • Frost with polar air masses in winter.
  • 25 to 100 in of precipitation, decreasing inland.
  • Monsoon influence in Asia.


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