Tropical Desert Climate (BWh)

Latitude/Longitude: 27.7o N; 8.1o W
Average Annual Temperature (oC) = 22.8
Annual Temperature Range (oC) = 21.2
Total Annual Precipitation (mm) = 43.8
Summer Precipitation (mm) =11.8
Winter Precipitation (mm) = 32


camels_Grand_Erg_Desert_Algeria_J_Van_Acker_FAO_17902.jpg (16561 bytes)

Caravan of camels in the Grand Erg Desert of Algeria.

Photo credit: J. Van Acker, FAO #17902
Used with permission

Geographic Distribution

  • coastal Chile and Peru
  • southern Argentina
  • southwest Africa
  • north Africa
  • Arabia, Iran
  • Pakistan, and western India;
  • Baja California and interior Mexico

Controlling Factors

  • Descending, diverging, circulation of subtropical highs
  • Continentality linked often with rain shadow location.
  • cT air masses


  • Among the driest places on earth
  • Mean annual temperature above 64.4o F (18oC)
  • Low relative humidity
  • Irregular and unreliable rainfall
  • Highest percentage of sunshine of any climate
  • Large diurnal temperature range
  • Highest daytime temperature of any climate
  • Annual precipitation less than half the annual potential evapotranspiration

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